About Us

About Us


Our Approach


Our Company is a manufacturer and exporter of cosmetics, skin care, hair care, body care products based on Argan oil. We have operations in Morocco and overseas.
Company Mission: In each product we offer, we seek to deliver superior quality alongside with high performance that will help protect, nourish and hydrate your body.

Our Story

Our Mission

We seek to offer our LOYAL customers and business partners an excellent product and service and to deliver reliable solutions for all their needs.

This mission statement was inspired by our conviction that cosmetics don’t have to be full of chemicals and toxic stuff, and that people have the right to use beauty and skincare products that are healthy and deliver high performance at the same time.

Main markets

In addition to our presence on the local market,  we have our main export markets for Argan Oil that are different countries in North America, Asia, Europe, Gulf countries
And we are now expanding our operations to other countries especially in Europe, Latin America and Africa.